Student Essays Are Kicking my Butt

I’m you-know-what deep in marking student essays. After I finish unraveling about five hundred more pages of inscrutable prose, I’ll be back with an article. The length of time that will take is dependent on whether my head explodes.

In the meantime, checkout some of these articles. They are under-performing and deserve more hits:

Being Taiwanese Means Never Saying Sorry – Opinions on whether I’m right on this one are divided along lines of race and sex; Taiwanese females disagreeing, foreign males agreeing, and everyone else occupying middle ground. What do you think?

Symbolic, Parabolic, Metaphorical, Allegorical … Chinese – Another problem I have understanding Chinese.

Vignette #7: My Favorite Student – I know the title makes it seem like something you don’t care about, but it’s about a thirty second read, and it’s worth it.

Where Have All the Idiots Gone: Professionalization and ESL Instruction – A bit about what ESL teaching is now and was before.

What’s in a Name? – There are some doozers in Asia.

Now I have to get back to marking. I’ll be back with you as soon as possible.