Salty:  1). Sharp (esp. of humor); Piquant. 2). Looking stupid, or like you were played.

Egg: White on the outside, yellow on the inside. A white person who wants to be Asian. [Derog.]  


My name is Darren Haughn. I have been in Asia for over 25 years, with a year working in South Korea, 20+ years living in Taiwan, and at least another year traveling. Here I am going to share some stories; some with the hopes of eliciting a smile, others to give pause, hopefully sometimes both at the same time.

On a selfish level I’m writing this blog to serve as a memory palace for myself. I also hope that those who stumble across my writing find it entertaining, informative, and occasionally contentious. I wish this type of information had been readily available when I was deciding to move to Asia.

I will be as honest as possible about my experiences and feelings. I do not doubt that sometimes my writing will seem, well…salty. Everything I say comes from a position of love for Taiwan, Taiwanese people, Taiwanese culture, and more broadly for Asia in general. Throughout my life I have been referred to as an egg. It is intended, at least mildly, as an insult, but they’re right—I am an egg; and, I mean that as a positive.

I will do my best to post one new article every second Sunday morning (Taiwan time).